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A good looking yard is a badge of honor for any homeowner who takes care of their property. While mowing the lawn, planting some flowers and pruning the brushes is an easy job for most anyone, tree care can get more complex – and that’s where the professionals come in. Everything from stump grinding, tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, tree cabling and bracing, tree moving, land clearing and emergency tree service are covered by specialist tree care on Long Island NY.

If you’re looking for expert tree care service in your area, consider which type of the following care would most benefit you, and keep your yard looking it’s best.

Long Island Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is vital to the look and health of your tree, and it isn’t as simple as purely cutting back a few branches and hoping for the best. Tree care service experts can save infected or diseases trees with the right trimming, and take care of heavy hanging branches that pose a hazard.

Trees need to be trimmed in the right season to maintain them properly, and service professionals are trained to recognize the shape and size of branches, and when it is best to trim. Everything from trimming a branch too close, or trimming one that’s too long or too short can affect the health of your tree, so don’t leave it up to chance, inquire with a licensed tree care expert to ensure no damage will be inflicted on your tree during trimming.

Tree Pruning on Long Island

Tree pruning is a necessary task for anyone with trees in their yard. It enables the structure of the tree to be visible, presenting beautiful and strong branches that accent your yard. Pruning thins out stray branches, maintaining the overall look and preventing your yard from looking overgrown and under cared for.

Regular tree pruning will also maintain your tree’s general health, ridding dead branches and pests that can slowly eat away at the wood, eventually killing off the tree all together.

Nassau County Tree Removal

The cost of tree removal will depend on the size, location, shape, complexity and condition of the particular tree. Most homeowners don’t have the equipment to remove a tree themselves, and need the skills and services of a professional to do it safely and swiftly. You shouldn’t try and remove a tree yourself if you’ve had no training and don’t have the right equipment, and doing so can be incredibly dangerous.

Trees that have grown so high they block the views in your yard, or those with roots are pose a threat to their surroundings are better removed.  Many people decide upon tree removal for aesthetic reasons, and tree care service professionals can take care of it for you, with all the required equipment and training to do so safely.

Long Island Stump Grinding

If you’ve decided to get rid of a tree completely, stump grinding will eliminate the unsightly tree stump from your yard. From a safety perspective, this prevents the eventuality that anyone will trip or fall on the leftover stump, and means you won’t be left with an ugly stump in the middle of your garden.

The stump grinding technique is often less expensive than traditional stump removal, and will not cause damage to your existing landscaping. Mulch produced during the grinding process can be used in your yard, meaning there’s no waste and what’s leftover is recycled.

Tree Moving on Long Island

Tree moving or transplanting can save the beauty of a tree and enable you to enjoy it in a different, more convenient area. Many people who planted a tree in their home years ago decide upon tree moving when they move house, so they can take a large piece of their memories with them – and it’s possible for most trees.

To successfully move a tree without harming it, specialized equipment and techniques are required, and a certified tree service professional can perform the task for you.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Used to support growth, tree cabling and bracing increases the chance of producing a healthy tree when it is experiencing structural weakness, and involves installing cables or wires at the top of the tree and rods below. This method can restore that has experienced significant damage and prevent the tree falling or its branches causing accidents. Cabling and bracing can get complicated, and needs a professional who understands the physics and expected growth of the tree.

Land Clearing

Clearing land keeps your yard or location clear of weeds, brush and unwanted growth that can leave property looking ugly and unkempt. This can include tree trimming, tree pruning, stump grinding and any other general service that can be tailored to your needs. Tree care service is essential to rid your land of unsightly growth quickly, and can prevent further weeds growing. Many of us don’t have the time to devote our full attention to keeping our yards in perfect shape, so expert tree service in Nassau County can do the dirty work for you.

Long Island Emergency Tree Service

Rain, snow and storms can be hard on your trees, and particularly strong weather events might leave you facing a tree emergency.
Emergency tree service can swoop in and save the day when it comes to fallen and damaged trees on your property.

A fallen tree can pose a great hazard to people and wildlife, and trees that look like they are about to fall could threaten to crush anything in their path. Tree service arborists are ready to deal with any tree emergency, and could prevent you from footing an expensive damage bill if a tree falls.

The best tree service prices on Long Island

The cost of tree service will depend on the specific job, and a quote can be tailored to you and your needs. Whether you’re searching for a little tree trimming to keep your yard looking beautiful, or a more complex job like tree moving or tree removal, arbor care tree service on Long Island can take care of it all for you – letting you sit back, relax and enjoy your yard.